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Protein Coffee Drink Mix

Protein Coffee is a ready mix drink, easily prepared with little or no effort, brightening your day and acting both as coffee and protein to keep you energetic and healthy all day long.


Per Serving:

20 grams of whey protein

23 grams of vitamins and minerals

2 grams of espresso shot

0 grams of trans fat

1 gram of dietary fiber

3 grams of sugar

120 milligrams of caffeine

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TWICE the Caffeine, Packed with Protein, Vitamins, and Body Building Nutrients - All with the Rich Magnificent Flavor of an Expensive Premium Ice Cold Cappuccino or Latte MN Protein Coffee Drink Mix is the perfect way to start your day, give yourself a powerful mid-day pick me up, or relax after a long day at work Treat yourself to the revolutionary Protein Coffee Powder that mixes instantly with water or milk. One container of our High Protein Coffee makes 14 rousing glasses of amazing ice cold coffee. It's got a giant 27 grams of body building Whey Protein in every serving. Plus you get a big helping of essential vitamins like Vitamins C, E, B6, D, K, B12 with potassium, iron, zinc and much more. Now your body has all it needs to build lean muscle mass while helping you quickly and easily lose weight. More muscle, less fat, and ALL from a delicious cup of High Protein Coffee from MN. Did we say something about TWICE the Caffeine? We sure did! You get TWO SHOTS of Caffeine in every serving. First you enjoy all the caffeine normally found in a rich cup of coffee PLUS we add another 100mg of pure caffeine. This is the highly effective energy boost you want and need. Now you can arrive at work fully awake and ready to roar. Perfect for putting the spring back in your step on those sleepy afternoons. You'll be alert, creative, able to solve intense problems on the first try, and frankly seem a whole lot smarter and attractive. But wait a minute. Isn't a super rich formula like this going to fattening? Not at all. A full glass of High Protein Coffee is JUST 130 calories. Low fat, low sodium and NO added sugars. You get pure delicious high quality coffee taste with TWICE the natural caffeine. Plus you get a wellness boosting 27 grams of healthy protein and ALL the essential vitamins and other nutrients your body needs to optimize health and thrive. Your coffee just became the healthiest thing you do all day. Switch today to MN Protein Coffee Drink Mix. It's fast, easy, and available in the convenient 14 serving can. Buy some and enjoy!


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